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Amazing Campgrounds In Denver

A family of campers playing instruments in a circle in front of a tent

While you’re in the city, places like the Denver Tech Center apartments are some of the best to lay your head at. Once you step outside the bounds of Denver and into the realm of mother nature, though, it’s a quality campground you’ll be looking for. Around Denver there are plenty, and if you want to do some camping of your own this summer, then we’ve got a treat in store for you today. We’ll be going over some of the best campgrounds around the state, and giving you some ideas on where to plan your summer adventure.

Chatfield State Park Campground

Located south of Denver, in Douglas and Jefferson counties is Chatfield State Park. The park is located near the Chatfield Reservoir (a lake covering about 1,423 acres, fed by the South Platte River), and during the summer months, it makes for an outstanding campground. You can get a look at the camping site from the Chatfield Campground Map, and learn a bit more about the campground facilities and registration procedures as well. Make sure you follow the camping rules while you’re at Chatfield: any campers coming to Chatfield must register with the campground office before claiming a campsite. You’ll also need to make sure you have a parks pass for your vehicle.

As for the facilities at Chatfield, you’ve got a fair amount there to make use of: there are 197 individual campsites across the four camping areas. All the campsites are within walking distance to the lake too, so if you want to do some fishing, this campground should be one of your top picks. You’ll also have the chance to do some nature watching at Chatfield, as whitetail deer, mule deer, coyote, red fox, prairie dogs, weasels, cottontail rabbits, and over three hundred species of bird call the area their home. Keep a safe distance, and maybe snap a photo or two.

Cherry Creek State Park

Over in Arapahoe County is famed Cherry Creek. It’s home to vase wetlands and natural prairies, along with an 880-acre reservoir that makes for some great boating. Indeed, hitting the water from the Cherry Creek Marina and Yacht Club is a favorite pastime for many here, but far from the only one, of course. You could also take to the 12 miles of roads and 35 miles of trails, and take part in some running, cycling, horseback riding, and even cross country skiing during some times of year.

Fishing is permissible at the reservoir (just make sure you follow all the rules), and if you want to just look at animals instead of catching them, there are ample birdwatching opportunities, and species like the bald eagle, red-tailed hawk, northern harrier, and ferruginous hawk will all make appearances here. And for those who like firearms, Cherry Creek offers an expansive practice ground in the form of the Family Shooting Center. They’ve got ranges for pistols, rifles, and shotguns — so take your pick and have fun blasting those targets.

As for the actual camping at Cherry Creek, you can go year-round, but summer is the busiest time of the year by far. Like Chatfield, the Campground Brochure will reveal all the information you’ll want to know about the facilities at Cherry Creek, and give you a lay of the land as well. Watch the campground quiet hours, and check out the Aphitheater while you’re there if you have a group. It’s got bench seating and a fire put — perfect for a gathering with your crew — and can be rented in increments of 4 hours at a time.

Bear Creek Lake Park

Out past Lakewood to the west, you’ll find Bear Creek Lake and the 2,624-acre masterpiece that is Bear Creek Lake Park. This is a great destination for some action-oriented activities, as Bear Creek Lake, in addition to allowing for wildlife viewing and fishing, has a pretty nice archery range for you to enjoy. They’ve got about 12 targets that range from 10 to 80 yards, so you really have a chance to practice your aim. The only thing to remember here is that they don’t have any archery equipment for rent, so you have to remember to bring your own!

If you’re a fan of horses then you’ll also have plenty of reasons to enjoy Bear Creek Lake. There are nearly 15 miles of dirt trails to traverse on horseback, in addition to meadows and creekside trails that provide some amazing views. No cross-country riding allowed here (you must remain on the trails), but it’s a fun experience all the same, and for those who want to get into horseback riding, the nearby Bear Creek Stables can set you up with lessons and summer camps with that goal in mind.

As for camping, Bear Creek Lake holds the distinction for being one of the “closest full-service campgrounds to Denver,” and has about 47 individual campsites with electrical hookups, along with two yurts, three cabins, and a group camping site for up to 25 people. The campground season lasts from April 1st to October 31st each year, and there’s a modest fee of $25/night to camp out here. You can learn more about the rules, regulations, and how to make reservations from the official Lakewood website, and also get some pertinent pre-arrival info that will make your stay go much smoother.

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