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Denver Botanic Gardens

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If you call Denver or the Iverness apartments home, then you probably know a bit about the Denver Botanic Gardens already. You probably already know that the Garden actually occupies two locations, that there's a wide and diverse array of plant life to gawk at on every visit, and that throughout the year there are all sorts of lovely special events that you can enjoy. What you might not have known, though, is the fact that the Denver Botanic Gardens are also focused on education, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn more about plant life.

The education programs are broad in their various scopes, and there are classes suitable for all ages. Some are geared towards personal learning, others towards professional development. Some are hands-on, some are lecture-heavy. All of the programs at the Botanic Gardens, though, are fun and focused on helping you become just that much closer with nature. Maybe you're interested in taking one over the next few months? Here's what you might learn when you take that plunge.

Educational Opportunities at the Denver Botanic Gardens

If you're looking to learn, the Denver Botanic Gardens offers plenty of opportunities, regardless of your age. For instance, general adult programs are offered year-round at the York Street and Chatfield Farms locations, along with other spots in and around Denver, including Mount Goliath. Specific program offerings for adults include such as the Rocky Mountain Gardening course, which provides a "comprehensive study of specific gardening practices for Front Range gardening practices."

It's here where you'll dive into topics like how to combat unwanted Japanese Beetles in your home and garden, basic ecology for gardeners, how to create your perfect hobby greenhouse, the basics of planting a tree, and the diversity of Colorado's ecosystems. In addition, you may gain some insight on what causes a good, healthy plant to suddenly die (clue: it's not always insects or disease) and how you can design a sustainable greenhouse that requires no supplemental heating or cooling to function properly. Be sure to sign up for these courses if expert gardening is your main aim.

It's not all about the science and theory behind gardening that adult programs here offer, though. You'll also get a chance to connect with the art, heart, and soul of working with plants through the Bonfils-Stanton Series, dubbed Wild Colorado:

"Through our 2019 series, we dive into the scenery, talent and passion of the wonderfully diverse state of Colorado. From rolling hills of native flora to the passions of local artists we dissect our understanding of the world around us through thoughtful connections with art, deeper understanding of wildflower ecosystems and unique analysis of landscape design."

It'll be a great opportunity for you to get just a bit closer with nature, and free yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life, if only for a few hours at a time. As for new offerings on the Gardens' lineup, you might well enjoy the Herbalism Certificate Program. This hands-on, 350-hour course is designed to teach you more about using plants to achieve physical wellness. You'll get to study more than 75 different medicinal plants, along with skills like plant identification, wildcrafting, and the best practices for gardening in Colorado. It's a rather intensive course, but well worth it if you're ready to take your knowledge of plants to the next level. Be sure to review the syllabus to gain a greater understanding of what you'll be going over when you sign up for the course and what you can expect to learn during your studies.

If you're looking to get the young ones (or the whole family) involved in some botanical learning, you'll definitely want to look at the Gardens' various Children & Family Programs. These include the Garden Camps, that allow kids the opportunity to explore the gardens while taking part in a range of games and activities. Learning about nature and science is a perfect way to spend a few weeks during the summer, and these camps are offered at both the York Street and Chatfield Farms locations.

Beyond the camps, there are Scout Programs designed to let your scout group "experience the Gardens’ vast diversity of plants, trees and ecosystems from Colorado and around the world." Note that you'll have to register in advance for these programs, but they are offered year-round, and include Terrarium Tours to take you around the Gardens with an educator who can fill you in on the finer points of the diverse flora, and Self-Guided Exploration Packs that give you a new perspective while exploring the Gardens on your own (with scavenger hunts, activities, etc.). You might even be interested in the Family Programs, if you want to get the whole crew in on the action:

"The Gardens offers a variety of opportunities for families to spend time together while learning about the science and enchantment behind the plants in our everyday lives. Together, children and adults engage in activities such as cooking projects, arts and crafts, gardening, nature exploration and play."

Regardless of your specific educational focus, chances are, there's a learning program a the Denver Botanic Gardens that will help you realize it. Be sure to explore all of the program offerings that the the Botanic Gardens has, and consider enrolling an experience that will allow you to do much more than simply look at all the pretty plants over the next few months.

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