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Denver Parks to Explore

A woman helping a toddler walk in the park

Allow us to pose a not-so-farfetched hypothetical. Let’s say you’ve made residence in the stunning Denver Tech Center apartments, and you’ve got yourself some free time to burn. It’d be natural to want to spend an afternoon in the park, in such a case, the burning question, however, would be which park you should choose. Denver has many to select from, so today, we’re going to go down the list of some of the best neighborhood parks around Denver Tech Center so you can plan a visit and have some fun sometime in the near future.

Getting to Know the Parks in Denver

While we’ll be concentrating today’s examination of Denver’s lush, green spaces to in the area around Denver Tech Center, it pays to realize that Denver is a city that takes its natural spaces seriously:

“The Mile High City boasts more than 5,000 acres of traditional parks and parkways, which include 2,500 urban natural acres and over 300 acres of parks designated Rivers & Trails.”

No matter where you are in Denver, there’s likely a park not too far away, which is of great benefit to anyone looking to get outside and enjoy the elements for an hour or a few. Here are some of the most prominent parks you should keep an eye out for in the vicinity of Denver Tech Center…

Wallace Park

Officially titled “George M. Wallace Park,” this 24.8-acre expanse, lies just 8.5 miles away from Arapahoe Community College, and, features an array of “fantastic scenery, running and biking trails, jungle gyms and various pieces of calisthenic equipment.” In other words, it’s a great place to work out or even just to hang out, and if the former fits your fancy, there’s plenty here to help you reach your fitness goals.

For starters, the park is both runner and biker friendly, with a 1.85-mile pathway, the Goldsmith Gulch Trail, encircling the area and allowing for you to train. Beyond the trail, however, the hills and park topography provide an excellent place to do some incline training, testing your legs against the forces of gravity. And if you’re into course-work, there are calisthenic courses on both the north and south ends of the park, which can be used for pullups, swings, flagging, and more.

Even if you aren’t an amateur athlete or fitness enthusiast, though, the park offers plenty to hold your interest. The playground equipment, for example, which features swings, slides, and a full-on jungle gym is a great spot for kids and families, and the sandbox environment ensures plenty of hours of enjoyment for inquisitive, energetic children.

Kennedy Park

Named for 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, Kennedy park is an expansive, 95-acre area around Cherry Creek that features quite a bit on the list of things to do. The baseball complex is great for anyone looking to knock out a few homers or work on fielding ground balls, and the nearby Kennedy Dog Park is an excellent place to bring your pup and have a great time. Most of the other owners are friendly, and there’s a separate area for smaller and lower energy dogs so that can chill in peace.

That’s not all you’ll find at Kennedy Park, however, as there’s also the Kennedy Golf Course for you to enjoy. This regulation, 27-hole course has activities “for all ages and skill levels,” and whether you’re an old pro looking to hone your technique to its razor’s edge or a newbie who wants to pick up the basics, you can have a great time here. In addition to the 27-hole course, Kennedy Golf Course has a 9-hole par three course, foot golf, and even a Putt Putt course for a more family-focused affair.

Cherry Creek Park

Centered around the Cherry Creek Reservoir, you’ll find Cherry Creek State Park, “Denver’s natural and spacious backyard playground.” This scenic backdrop offers some 4,000 acres to explore, and plenty to do while you’re there. Camping, for instance, is one of the park’s main attractions, and something you can take part in year-round. You have to make reservations, however, so you should check the campground availability to be sure you can secure a spot, but once you do, the experience is well worth it.

When it’s open, the Cherry Creek Reservoir provides an opportunity for boating, fishing, jet skiing, sailboarding, swimming, and more. There are even rowing clubs you can join to get in on that team action. Even when the lake is closed for the season, though, Cherry Creek offers plenty, like nature watching. Numerous species of bird inhabit the park, including the bald eagle, red-tailed hawk, and northern harrier. At the south end of the reservoir, you can also find many songbirds and waterfowls, nestled amongst the wetland foliage.

The Family Shooting Center on the south end of the park provides a robust range for firearms and archer, along with lessons and gun rentals for those looking to improve their technique. Whether you just want to go out and shoot some clays, or want to get some high-level handgun or rifle training, this is place to go within Cherry Creek Park.

Finally, if you’d rather just tour the park in leisurely fashion, the 35 miles of trail are the way to go. You can head out on foot, or hop atop a bicycle or even horse and have at it. When it comes to the intersection of nature and leisure within Denver, few spots offer as much as Cherry Creek.

Parks and More Abound at the Denver Tech Center Apartments

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