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Favorite Black Friday Steals

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Black Friday is coming. You know the routine, this annual shopping tradition will be drawing hordes of deal hunters from the Denver apartments into local stores (and have the more reclusive among them searching frantically online for discounted items). You might count yourself among the group, and be looking to get a jump start on some of the amazing prices as well. If so, we’ve got what you need right here. Not the deals specifically, mind you, but some information that’s nearly as good. Today, we’ll be filling you in on what items you can expect to yield the biggest savings. Take note, then get ready to hop online or head to the store in search of what you desire most.

What Not to Buy Until Black Friday

There are some items that you can almost be certain will be discounted once Black Friday rolls around, so your best bet is holding off on purchasing these sorts of items until the grandest holiday shopping day rolls around. According to NerdWallet, electronics top the list, and the three most-discounted items you can expect include:

TVs — NerdWallet indicates that low-priced television sets are a hot ticket on Black Friday, and as long as you’re comfortable purchasing a model that might not have been a best-seller at full price, you’ll be capable of walking away with som incredible savings. As example, they note some 49-inch 4K models sold for as low as $159.99 on Amazon, and lower-resolution, 39-inch smart TVs went as low as $125 at Walmart.

Smartphones — Smartphones normally cost a pretty penny, so it’s no complicated task for retailers to drop the prices on these devices a bit for Black Friday and watch the sales roll in. According to an Ebates survey in 2017, 28 percent of adults planned on taking advantage of the deals that year, and with all the shiny new options available this year, you can expect similar numbers hunting for new handhelds. Whether your preference is for iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy, or some other brand entirely, you’re bound to find something that fits your fancy come Black Friday.

Gaming Consoles — If you enjoy console gaming, you’ll want to take advantage of the Black Friday deals for sure. Across just about every story, you’ll find Xboxes, Playstations, and Nintendo Switches available for lower-than-normal prices, and with the beefier consoles pushing toward the 4K gaming craze, you might even find a few bundled along with a pretty nice TV to boot.

It’s not just these electronics you’ll find discounts on, mind you. According to Mental Floss, laptops, tablets, smart home devices, and wearables will also have their prices cut in anticipation for the shopping rush. If you prefer PC gaming to consoles, or just need a new portable machine to get some work done, you’ll be able to find a host of powerful, slim, and light laptops on sale for much less than usual, along with handheld tablets like the iPad and Amazon Fire as well.

And if you’re considering making your first forays into the world of smart home integration, Black Friday is the time to do it. You’ll find reduced prices on Amazon Echos, Google Homes, and the like, which could add an extra degree of hands-free functionality to your current lifestyle. Don’t forget the smart watches either. Wearable technology — in the form of Apple Watches, FitBits, etc. — are a big deal for the fitness conscious, so consider adding these to your Black Friday wishlist too.

Also for the home conscious, kitchen gadgetry and appliances will be seeing significant discounts as well. This includes coffee makers, blenders, mixers, microwaves, and just about anything else that will make your cooking experience easier, with markdowns upwards of 60 percent. A definite steal by just about any definition.

Black Friday will also be a great time to shop for the younglings. Items like clothing and toys will also see significant discounts, so you can get your little ones prepped for the winter weather (it is hoodie and jacket season, after all) and have plenty of cash left over to get them some great toys that will delight once Christmas comes too.

And lest we forget, you photographers will have plenty of opportunities to score some new gear for a great price. Whether you’re a longtime pro or a newbie looking to get their feet wet, you’ll find deals on all kinds of digital camera equipment — particularly camera bodies and lenses — during the Black Friday deal period. You’ll still be dropping hundreds of dollars, in all likelihood, but that’ll be hundreds of dollars less than what you might have paid at full price.

Keep Specific Outlets in Mind

If you want a serious head start on your Black Friday shopping, make sure you check out these 2018 Black Friday “ad leaks” from NerdWallet. Whether they’re truly leaks or merely paid promotion is debatable, but the deals they’re touting are definitely authentic, and there are many to be had across the board. Just some of the stores they’re tracking include Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Apple, Costco, and Victoria’s Secret, so no matter what your after specifically, you’ve got a good chance of getting a jump on what’s to come so you can prepare appropriately.

And throughout it all, we recommend following Consumer Reports’ top Black Friday shopping tips, particularly doing your homework beforehand and taking advantage of those coupons for maximum savings. Plan right, stay safe, and you’ll have a most fortuitous Black Friday this year. Good luck!

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