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Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Rainbow hot air balloons in a blue sky

When most people think hot air balloon festivals, they understandably think about Arizona and their famous yearly extravaganza. They aren’t the only game in town, though, as residents of the luxury Denver apartments can tell you, Colorado has its own set of festivals to celebrate the amazingness of hot air balloons.

They’ll be taking place as the summer winds down, so they’ll be a great opportunity to get out, explore the state, and have a great time before fall rolls around for the year. Prepare yourself for the last stand of summer: here are the Colorado Hot Air Balloon Festivals you’ll have to check out.

Hot Air Balloon Festivals in Colorado

So, as you may have already guessed, there isn’t just one hot air balloon festival happening around Colorado, there are several. The Know has the lowdown, and we’re going to be taking a look at some of the details behind each of these individual summer events.

Moffat County Balloon Festival

Over in the beautiful expanses of Moffat County, this balloon festival (with a heaping helping of old school pizzazz) will be taking place on August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. The colorful balloon display will only be a part of the equation here, though, since they’ve got some extras planned for you if you should decide to attend. In addition to the amazing balloons, this festival will also have a 5K walk/run, enticing beer gardens, dancing, classic cars on display, and live music in the nearby park.

You’ll also be able to explore the nearby town of Craig, Colorado. There’s more to see and do here than meets the eye, but to start you off on the right foot, why not check out the Wyman Living History Museum or the Museum of Northwest Colorado. Both will give you a glimpse at Colorado from a different perspective, and should help set the tone for the festival.

Creede Balloon Festival

The Creede Balloon Festival will have more of a laid back vibe to it, and will be taking place at the Mineral County Airport in good old Creede, Colorado. The festival starts on August 30th and runs through September 1st. A big part of this festival is the supposed “glow,” the inflating of the balloons that’s done in the pre-dawn hours, and the intricate flight work of this relatively small assemblage of balloons:

“Held high in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado, and in the gorgeous valley of the upper Rio Grande river, surrounded by the Rio Grande National Forest and the San Juan and Weminuche Wildernesses, the suitability location for ballooning is beyond compare.”

Creede definitely ranks near the top of the list as one of the most gorgeous balloon festivals Colorado has to offer, and while it may not be as “action packed” as a festival like the one in Moffat County, it makes up for that relative dearth of extras with a gorgeous backdrop that hardly any others can match. Be sure to bring your camera along.

Colorado Springs Labor Day Liftoff

Colorado Springs is known far and wide for its beauty, and this Labor Day balloon festival will give you a chance to bask in a bit of that beauty as you take part in numerous goings-on. This festival has a history stretching back forty years, so you can bet they really know how to put on a show.

A free event, the Colorado Springs Labor Day Liftoff will be taking place from August 31st to September 2nd, and feature more than 70 balloons. Those won’t be the only attraction at this festival, though, as additional events like the Donut Eating Championship and Balloon Photography Contest will also be big parts of the overall experience.

And there will also be cool stuff happening down at the lake near the event grounds. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at paddleboarding, this will be the place to give it a go. If you want to get more advanced, you can try some paddleboard yoga, or even go high octane while watching the wakeboarding demonstrations. Either way, it should be a blast.

Snowmass Balloon Festival

The Snowmass Balloon Festival in Snowmass Village is a smaller gathering, with only about 30 balloons in total. It’s no less riveting than some of the other entries on this list, though, because this balloon festival will include its fair share of races and challenges. And let’s not forget some of the additional events either:

“Special activities and events round out the weekend, including Cidermass and Septemberfest. All Snowmass Balloon Festival events are free and open to all ages. All daytime events take place at Snowmass Town Park, with free parking in the Town Park Station lot.”

All this will be going down September 6th through 8th, so you’ve got some time to recuperate from the other balloon festivals before heading to this one. Good thing too, you’ll need to be well rested to handle the beautiful backdrops of Snowmass Village!


The Colorfest is interesting in the fact that the balloons are almost playing second fiddle to the other things to do on the docket. Colorfest Weekend is the “Passport to Pagosa Wine & Food Festival,” taking place September 20th through 22nd. There won’t even be balloons on that first day. The “Mass Balloon Ascension,” as they’ve termed it, will be strictly for Saturday and Sunday attendees to this event:

“Over 30 balloons fill the sky each morning for the mass balloon ascension! On Saturday morning, watch them lift off from downtown Pagosa Springs, and on Sunday, see them float over the Pagosa Lakes area and the Pagosa Springs Golf Club during the morning hours.”

The additional events sound like a lot of fun, though. Who wouldn’t want to check out some awesome bands while downing as much delicious food, wine, and beer as humanly possible? Makes sure you come hungry so you can get your fill if you’re coming to this particular festival.

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