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Must Try Denver Restaurants

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Like any major city, Devner has a very unique dining scene, and whether you’re a longtime resident or just found yourself a place at the DTC apartments, there’s always something new and exciting for you to explore. You should have plenty of time to do so now that summer is here, so it’s a good thing that Denver.Org has compiled their list of Must-Try Restaurants for you to review:

“Denver is a metropolis of ever-evolving tastes, its forward-thinking dining landscape spangled with restaurants from gifted chefs whose culinary magnetism, passion and fortitude fulfill our city’s lust for great food.”

Sounds tempting, no? There are a lot of restaurants on that list, and while you just may be adventurous enough to try them all on for size, we’ll give those of you who are a bit more pressed for time a break. Today, we’ll be calling attention to a few options that stand out, and giving you some ideas for which of these fine establishments you might want to visit first on your quest to sample Denver’s finest cuisine.

Newer Restaurants on the List

The Denver.Org list details several new spots that have opened in Denver, and we must say we’re partial to Run for the Roses. Located over on Blake Street, this cozy establishment transports guests to a Victorian-style cocktail den, an “underground lair” of sorts that “pays homage to the elegant cocktail clubs of yesteryear.” The ambiance is the first thing you’ll notice here, but the seasonal menu is nothing to sneeze at, nor are rare drinks they have on said menu:

“Its opening menu features a custom deck of 52 perfected classic cocktails—as in a literal deck of cards—and includes a dry martini, Widow’s Kiss, and daiquiri. In addition to the 52 standards, there is a rotating menu of seven seasonal sippers, like the Shoulda Coulda with tequila, lime, demerara sugar, and Fruition Farms’ silky sheep-milk skyr.”

And in spite of the mystique and “hidden” underground location, this is a welcoming spot that definitely wants all the new clientele it can handle. We suggest giving them what they’ve asked for, and planning a trip here soon to check out the drinks and decor for yourself. Also, if you’re looking for an alternative “new spot” to try, the buzz surrounding Safta on Brighton Boulevard has been good:

“The instant success of Safta is encouraging. Having dined recently in Detroit, the nation’s de facto capital of Middle Eastern cooking, I was reminded of how much culinary heritage Safta shares with the best Arab restaurants there.”

It’s the brainchild of award-winning chef Alon Shaya. The Israeli-born visionary has crafted an experience that pays homage to his Middle Eastern roots, while infusing a hearty dose of Americana into what you might ostensibly call an “immigrant restaurant.” Regardless, the establishment is a welcome sight, and one you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to dine at once or twice over the summer.

Local Favorites on the List

The second half of that Denver.Org list consists of local favorites. While it might be hard to quantify a restaurant as such in some eyes, we feel this choices they’ve included fit the bill, and have a soft spot for establishments like Il Posto on Larimer Street. This is Italian at its finest, served in a setting that truly complements the Denver atmosphere and provides a suitable hangout for the trendy, hip, and cosmopolitan urbanites of this great city. Now, outlets like 5280 might disagree on this point (their 2017 review of Il Posto lambasted the food and service). You’ll find a second opinion, however, from Westword, who praised the establishment’s cuisine in their new location in no uncertain terms:

“Il Posto 2.0 presents some of the team's best cooking yet, from new meditations on its always-stellar risotti to a masterful pappardelle with pork ragu to a showy and delicious beef tallow candle (impossible at the old address, says Frizzi, because there just wasn't enough space to make candles).”

We’re inclined to go with the latter opinion, and suggest you head to Il Posto to make a determination for yourself. If nothing else, you’ll find the views and ambiance at this Denver mainstay to be more than to your liking, and if you’re still looking for other options to add to your list, why not give Table 6 on Corona Street your time?

Intimate, rustic, comfortable — these are just a few of the adjectives that are applicable to Table 6, and they’ve been going strong long enough to have earned that designation of “Denver Favorite.” It’s the perfect spot for a night out, whether that’s with friends, a date, or flying solo. Again, Westword sums it up best:

“Looking back, it’s not hyperbole to say that Table 6 helped Denver get where it is today, nudging it from culinary backwater to a city that shares the same conversational space as the great food towns of Portland, Oregon, and Portland, Maine.”

And just what will you have the joy of dining on while you’re at Table 6? Thanks to the seasonal menu, this spot is a favorite for those with eclectic tastes. You might find yourself munching on the grilled asparagus, or a fine meat & cheese board as your appetizer, then moving to duck confit or smoked lamb breast for your entree and finishing of with chocolate beignets for dessert. Or you might not? That’s one of the joys of Table 6 — it seems there’s always something fresh to sample, and you’ll surely have a great time exploring all of the options.

Done Exploring? Back to the DTC Apartments

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