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Nightlife in Englewood

Girlfriends toasting at a bar

So, you’re new to the Englewood area and wondering what there is to do around here. Maybe you’re considering moving to the area or visiting a friend. Whatever brought you here, you’re in luck. The nightlife surrounding The Palmer apartments in Denver are vibrant and exciting.

In this guide you’ll find an eclectic mix of Denver favorites and hidden gems that serve as relaxing spots after work as well as a bar hopping extravaganza. There are a number of delicious eats included, too. Here is the ultimate guide to nightlife in Englewood.

The Whiskey Biscuit

Easily the most popular restaurant in the area right now, and for the foreseeable future, The Whiskey Biscuit is an industrial-chic eatery and bar that serves up some of the finest cuisine in all of Downtown. The meals are made from scratch by talented chefs, and the drinks include a wide variety of whiskey along with the craft beer Denver is known for.

The atmosphere is casual and lively, the food is Southern-inspired comfort heaven, and their take on a whiskey sour will blow your mind. Top recommendations include their steak and French toast entrée, mushroom ragout, and the cow and chicken sandwich.

Englewood Grand

This is your local neighborhood hangout, complete with a whimsical atmosphere that boasts a blend of 1920’s finesse and modern stylings. They serve everything from cocktails to craft beer, and often feature food-related events. Whether you enjoy popcorn while watching your favorite sport or a live band with your martini, Englewood Grand has you covered.

You could compare this bar to Cheers, but there’s more Colorado culture packed into this place than the bulk of Denver combined. Step in for a drink, and you might just find your new home away from home.

The Copper Pot

Paying homage to the blend of American cuisines passed down through generation the Copper Pot cooks all of their dishes in…you guessed it, copper pots. The owners set out to bring the community together around their dinner tables, creating one of the most welcoming atmospheres in Englewood.

This is a place where you can get to know the staff by name while dining on American classics ranging from chicken fried steak to fish and chips. This is an excellent place to start your night with a wholesome meal, but their bar makes it possible to start your festivities early if you choose.

The South

If margaritas and Mexican cuisine sound like the perfect recipe to get your night started, then The South is the place to be. Their weekly specials can’t be beat, and the food will make you swear you’ve been transported south of the border.

Their claim to fame is the quesorito, which comes with your choice of meet and heaping helping of toppings. Veggie options are available, too. As for drinks, they serve up everything from margarita to Mexican mules and cranberry cosmos.


Felt is Denver’s premier pool room, featuring over twenty tournament-quality tables, as well an excellent bar. They feature over ten beers on tap along with a highly diverse collection of liquors. Food-wise, you can order everything from a bar burger to a steak dinner.

If pool isn’t your game, they also have skeeball tables, pinball, and multiple videogames to choose from. Thirteen flat-screen TVs are constantly playing top NFL games, including the Denver Broncos entire season, and the prices are as cheap as they come.

Moe’s Original BBQ

With fresh-smoked meats coming out of the kitchen daily, this Alabama-style eatery is a carnivore’s delight. Moe’s uses a pit fired Bar B Que with seasoned fruit wood to bring the unique tastes of the south to the Englewood area. If that isn’t enough to make your mouth water, all of their sides are made from scratch.

Local and seasonal craft beers are always on tap in their sports bar themed lounge. Their interior also features eight lanes for bowling, multiple billiards tables, and an arcade. The atmosphere is as fun as they come whether you’re hanging out with your friends or on a laid-back date night.

Devil’s Head Distillery

If you prefer something slightly more sophisticated, then head over to the cocktail lounge at Devil’s Head Distillery. Winner of the Berlin International Spirits Competitions of 2018, the liquor that flows here is sure to please.

The distillery’s tasting room features an oak barrel reserve aquavit, their regular aquavit, a decadent gin, and a smooth vodka filtered through charcoal. Sip on your pick while enjoying the company of friends in their relaxing atmosphere.

The BoB

BoB stands for Brew on Broadway, and this spot is as lively as they come. Founded by Paul Webster, a local home-brewer in Englewood, this location features a spectacular beer garden along with a menu that supports locally owned restaurants.

BoB’s has six seasonal ales and eight house ales in addition the standard eighteen taps. If you’d like a taste of Paul’s creations, ask him about the small batch seasonal brews he concocts at home. If you’re lucky, you might even see his dog there!

The Palmer Apartments, Denver

The above is a just a small taste of the nightlife in Englewood, but easily some of the top picks from the area. After you night out ends, there’s nothing like the feeling of coming back to your unique home. Right in Denver’s South Corridor resides The Palmer, an apartment community built with luxury in mind.

Conveniently located near Iverness Business and The Denver Tech Center, this locale serves as the waypoint between work and play. Each home features lofty floor plans fitted with the finest in modern furnishing, as well a host of amenities that cater to every lifestyle.

Best of all, it’s premier location next to Englewood’s nightlife scene give you full access to this walkable neighborhood. Who says you need a designated driver?

We invite you to experience all that Denver has to offer in luxury and style. Welcome to The Palmer, Englewood’s most coveted home.