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Ultimate Guide to Englewood

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The city of Englewood shares its history with many of areas surrounding Denver, dating back to the mid-1800’s. A quick glimpse at this vibrant community makes it hard to imagine that this was once a mining town. Since those early pioneer days, the area has become a cultural hub filled with recreational activities and families.

It’s the quiet reprieve for those looking to enjoy all that Denver has to offer without living their lives in the bustling city streets, but what is living there actually like? From its green transportation initiative to elaborate homes like The Palmer apartments, here’s your guide to Englewood.

Real Estate

One of the first concerns many have when moving towards the city is the cost of housing and real estate. Englewood is on par with most of the city’s prices, but keep in mind that this area is larger than most people think. The cost to rent or own can vary from one end of town to the other.

You’ll find an eclectic mix of families and young professionals living here, both renters and homeowners. Apartments tend to be more community-centric in their construction, going with the flow of the city, making them just as appealing as any home on the market. Add in a wealth of amenities both inside and five minutes from the front door, and you can see why either option provides the same benefits.


As with any city, transportation is a vital aspect of life. Resting just between Denver and suburbs like Littleton or Cherry Hills, Englewood has the unique advantage of being home to two stops on the RTD light rail. This makes commuting to work a breeze, but also provides quick access to the city’s shopping hubs and nightlife.

Englewood itself focuses on greener transportation. The streets are 100% pedestrian friendly, giving way to an excess of bicycles. You can find over twenty miles of paved trails leading from the city streets to local schools and even jobs in the DTC area.

Even more impressive is the free local shuttle that takes residents anywhere they’d like to go in town. The shuttle’s route is lined with the city’s vibrant displays of outdoor artwork and its stops include major destinations like the City Center, medical centers, and several eateries.

Medical Care

Did you know that Englewood has one of the highest physician-to-resident ratios in the country? The medical industry is booming in this area, giving residents immediate access to quality healthcare. Hospitals such as Craig, Swedish Medical Center, and Kaiser Permanente have received international acclaim for their advanced treatment methods.

Each of these hospitals have been recognized for different areas of expertise ranging from trauma and stroke to brain injury, with Kaiser Permanente being renowned for its outpatient wellness services.

School Systems

Families flock to Englewood for its more suburban-like feel, but that’s not the only reason. The city is home to four public school districts as well as multiple private schools, which educate roughly 23,000 students altogether. An estimated 15% of those students are enrolled in preschool and kindergarten.

While the education system is primarily made up of Englewood schools, some areas do fall under different jurisdictions. Those next to neighboring towns might have their homes considered part of the Cherry Creek or Sheridan townships. Regardless, these schools are top-rated in the state and country.

Never Ending Activities

Englewood is filled to the brim with city amenities for a variety of lifestyles. Starting at the City Center, residents can enjoy the outdoor amphitheater and an extensive collection of public artwork both indoor and out. Surrounding these installations are premier shopping outlets and fine dining locations that make for the perfect night out.

Head north and you’ll find a collection of bars that comprise Colorado’s coveted craft beer scene, more restaurants, and an art-deco movie theater from the 1920’s that stand as a cultural landmark.

No area in Colorado would be complete without plenty of recreational opportunities, however. Englewood features twelve community parks, five of which feature off-leash dog areas, and three community gardens. There’s even a skatepark located just a few minutes from the main drag.

Golfer’s can enjoy the Broken Tree course, while those looking for an even more relaxing experience can visit the lengthy lazy river at Pirate’s Cove Water Park or the various green spaces found throughout the city that do not constitute part of the twelve public parks. Whether you love to hike, bike, golf, or picnic, Englewood has a place specially designed just for you.

Topping off all of the activities in Englewood are its restaurants and bars. Aside from the City Center, the town is brimming with exquisite fine dining opportunities from renowned chefs as well as street food good enough to knock your socks off. Places like Steakhouse 10, Chuey Fu’s Asian fusion, and Garibaldi Mexican Bistro and Beirut are some of the top-rated experiences that Englewood has to offer.

Combine the fine food with the unique atmospheres found at the local bars, and you’ll never run out of fun weekend nights or places to unwind after a long day at work. Devil’s Head Distillery and Englewood Grand are to of the more popular brewpubs, but you can find dozens scattered throughout the area.

The Palmer Apartments

Located directly in Englewood, The Palmer apartments blend seamlessly into the vibrant culture of this unique location. Comprised of eleven three and four-story garden style buildings, these homes offer a luxurious middle ground between work and play.

Conveniently located next to Englewood’s multiple modes of transportation, your commute to work has never been easier. The community provides ample amenities that cater to a variety of lifestyle, while the bountiful activities of the city rest just outside your front door.

We invite you to experience all that Englewood has to offer with these modern, stylish dwellings. Welcome to a redefined sense of luxurious city living in the heart of family-oriented, culturally vibrant neighborhood. Welcome to The Palmer.