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What Makes an Apartment Pet-Friendly?

Are you and your four-legged friend looking for a pet-friendly apartment in Englewood, CO? Here are some important features and benefits that you should look for as you compare rentals in the area.

A Place to Exercise Your Dog Every Day

When searching for dog-friendly apartments, keep exercise options top of mind. In addition to walking your dog, exercising your pet at a dog run twice a week is good practice. Proximity to nature is part of what makes Colorado living great, but you should also look for features that support everyday activities with your four-legged friend. For example at The Palmer, residents have access to a large on-property dog park with an agility course, which makes training (and potty breaks) easy for dog owners.

A Local Dog-Walking or Dog-Sitting Service

Wherever you live, your apartment community should have pet-friendly services as part of their package. If work keeps you away and you don’t have anyone around to keep your dog company during the day, it’s worth looking for an Englewood-based dog-walking or dog-sitting service. A dog walker can bring your best friend outdoors for exercise and help socialize your companion and ensure they feel safe, confident, and loved. Ask the property manager about concierge services to get started!

Ample Storage & Open Space

As you hunt for a pet-friendly rental in Englewood, don’t just think about whether pets are allowed—consider whether your pet will be able to move about the apartment easily and without hazards. For example, look for apartments in which you can efficiently store or display items out of reach, so that you can create safe spaces for your dog to roam. Doing so will ensure you don’t have to worry about whether they get into your work materials or knock important things over, making your living situation happier for you and your pet.

A Good Layout for Designated Zones

In addition to storage space, you’ll want to look for apartments with a good layout, as this makes it easier to define spaces after you move in. To create a space for your dog, mark off a spot for their bed, water bowl, and food bowl, ensuring it’s an area that you can easily clean up. Make sure that you keep toys in places that are suitable for play, so your dog doesn’t try to recruit you for tug-of-war when you’re at your desk.

Owning a dog has been shown to reduce stress and lead to better productivity and physical health. By finding and setting up a dog-friendly rental in Englewood, you can enjoy a less stressful and more rewarding life with your animal companion.