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What’s Hot at Larimer Square

A lamp post with flags that say Larimer Square against old brick buildings

The world around the DTC apartments is one filled with history and wonder. From the Downtown Aquarium to the Civic Center, there’s a lot around for a new resident to take in, but right now, there are few spots hotter than Larimer Square. As the oldest commercial block in the city of Denver, this area holds a tale of birth, death, and eventual renewal — a shining beacon for all Denverites:

“Larimer Square is our city’s first locally protected historic district, designated in 1971 after a determined Dana Crawford saved the block. Its preservation story is nationally recognized as a watershed moment in modern preservation. It is the place where our city first affirmed a commitment to our heritage after the devastation of urban renewal, and its historic designation was the first in Denver that recognized not only individual historic buildings but a collection of related buildings and their context.”

Though at one point in its history it was dilapidated, modern Larimer Square is an urban hotspot to rival that of any metropolis’. The combination of one-of-a-kind stores, unique restaurants, and historic Victorian buildings make it a contrast of old and new, and place any city resident would want to check out on a fairly regular basis. With that in mind, we’re going to take some time to hip you to that aforementioned history and wonder, as we take a quick tour of the offerings around Larimer Square.

Larimer Square: The What and Where

You’ll find the historic block of Larimer Square on Larimer Street, near Cherry Creek. You can find an extensive timeline of all the happenings that made Larimer Square what it is today via their official website, but the long and short of it is this: William E. Larimer laid out and helped build up Larimer Square all the way back in the 1850s. For years, it was Denver’s main business hub, serving as a center of commerce like the Rock Mountains had never seen before. In time, however, its luster faded, and by the 1900s, it was but a shell of its former self.

Flash forward to the 1960s, and the Larimer Square Associates took an interest in the area, using their resources to revitalize the area and restore it to its former glory. Now, in the present day, Larimer Square continues to evolve, adding new stores, new restaurants, and attracting new visitors year over year. It’s a fine place for any urbanite to spend their shopping hours, and, as you’ll soon learn, a place with plenty for you to do and see, regardless of your specific interests.

Things to Do Around Larimer Square

A main part of the draw for Larimer Square is the vast number of restaurants and bars dotting the area. Those restaurants cover a wide range of appetites, and include offerings like BBQ, Mexican, Italian, Asian, American, French, Mediterranean, and much more. Standouts include top-tier eateries, like Bistro Vendome:

“Named for the Place Vendome in the heart of Paris, this cozy bistro is a favorite among cosmopolitan Denverites seeking authentic Parisian bistro fare combined with fresh local ingredients. Tucked away behind the bustle of Larimer Street, Bistro Vendome has the feel of well-kept secret. It’s seasonally changing menu crafted by executive chef Jennifer Jasinski offers a diverse array of bistro classics.”

Here, it’ll almost feel like you’ve been transported away from the streets of Denver and into another world where sublime European food is the main focus. In the time since their inception, they’ve developed quite the reputation, racking up rewards and stellar reviews. They even got a nod in Westword as a “Best Of” option if you’re looking to head out for an evening dinner after a great movie.

When it comes to bars, you’ll most assuredly want to check out the Crimson Room, which, in addition to serving up some fabulous cocktails, is well known as one of Denver’s best spots for nightly live jazz and acoustic music. The atmosphere and setting are perfect for a nightlife hangout, and you’ll find it easy to spend hours here, laughing with friends, downing delicious drinks, and enjoying the sultry tunes of some of Denver’s most talented musicians.

If you’re in the mood for a laugh, few spots can make you double over harder than Comedy Works. Famous across the nation as a “comedy Mecca” and “Named by USA Today as one of the nation’s five best comedy clubs” Comedy Works has a reputation from bringing the country’s best comedians to their stage, interspersed with a number of up-and-coming Denver locals, for nights and nights of raunchy shows that will leave you (figuratively) in stitches.

And let’s not forget all the unique stores that are poised around Larimer Square, waiting for you to explore them, and offering some interesting goods to enhance your home life. These include Denver notables like:

  • Aillea
  • Cry Baby Ranch
  • Dog Savvy Boutique
  • Element
  • Eve
  • Frinje
  • Goorin Brothers
  • Gusterman Silversmiths
  • Hailee Grace
  • John Atencio
  • John Fluevog
  • Moda Man
  • Mountain Khakis
  • Pendleton Woolen Mills
  • Qinti
  • Scarpaletto
  • The Bent Lens
  • Timbuk2
  • Victoriana Antique & Fine Jewelry

Finally, Larimer Square is also the sight of many a fine event. You can check the calendar for specifics, but know that every month, there’s something awesome going on that you’ll likely want to check out, like the recent 2019 Denver Chalk Art Festival, and the upcoming Slow Food Nations on Larimer Square. This is a destination packed with fun, so plan a visit soon and don’t miss out!

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